Green Office News: Delegating work Is a management trait, but taking responsibility is more admirable.

At Wiles Greenworld H.Q delegation takes place just as it does at any other workplace, but where we do not delegate is on our environmental responsibility. So much so that we are the 2nd Greenest Company in the U.K according to the Sunday Times, and why we offer more sustainable office products for sale in our catalogue than any other.

As a company our mission is to eventually run a zero carbon operation and we have been making great strides in reducing our emissions year on year since 2008. A great stat is that our carbon intensity has improved nearly 100% in that time.

We can help your office recycle over 10 different office waste streams and can even help you develop your green policies, standards and internal ‘Green Teams’.

To find out more about our green office product range or any of our other services aimed to help you run a sustainable office talk to us today.

Green Office Tip: Develop a Waste Reduction Policy for your office today to kick-start your office recycling initiatives. You’ll be surprised how many everyday items can be recycled!

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