Green Office News: Darker days are creeping in, but not for everybody!

This article really brightened up our day at Wiles Greenworld H.Q. The thought of installing giant mirrors on a mountain side to illuminate and warm the town in the valley below is really ingenious. We like that the pictures of the mirrors feature a solar array too.

Apparently, before the installation, villagers had to take a cable car to the mountain top to get their daily hit of vitamin D, but no longer!

For more fun environmental news like this, and also some articles with a more serious tone, check back on our website daily for more green office news.

At Wiles Greenworld we like to call ourselves your sustainable business supplier. Our clients benefit from a wide range of green office product alternatives, including recycled office supplies. They also benefit from delivery by our own fleet of EU5 compliant eco-vans, featuring stop start technology, and if that wasn’t enough, they also benefit from our award winning London office recycling service. Our drivers collect your office paper waste, used toners, plastics and cans and many more waste streams all from your office when we deliver your office supplies to you.

This takes carbon out of the loop at every step – hence why we are your sustainable business supplier!

Green Office Tip: Recycling with Wiles Greenworld couldn’t be easier, click here for more info on how we collect your London office recycling when we deliver.

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