Green Office News: Cycling to work doesn’t come without its drawbacks, but the benefits are still plain to see.

There are a few die-hard cycling commuters here at Wiles Greenworld H.Q, including the writer of this very article, which is why the subject this morning is all about cycling.

Thanks to a recent BBC documentary titled “War on Britain’s Roads” the relationship between cyclists and drivers sharing road space has hardly been painted in a good light, and has probably split opinion further between the two camps. Unfortunately your writer of this article had his bike stolen yesterday so won’t be contributing to repairing this relationship anytime soon.

Cycling though, is still a great a past-time and a wonderful way in which to travel to work (even in this weather) which is why I’ll be back in the saddle as soon as possible, only with a D-Lock in hand this time!

To move this away from a cycling blog and back to green office news, commuting by bike really is a good idea, especially if you live near to work. Even for a novice, a distance of 5 miles would be easily achievable and might even save you time as well as money in the morning too.

Wiles Greenworld are huge supporters of the concept of the green office, which is why we offer recycled office supplies, sustainable office products and eco friendly office furniture to our customers in the London area, helping to contribute towards a green London. We even help London offices recycle too, with 40% of our customers currently using the service.

Green Office Tip: Looking for some stats to promote green thinking in your office; government agency websites are a great place to start.

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