Green Office News: Considering the origin of even the simplest things can open eyes and minds to sustainable sourcing of the products used every day.

Pens and papers used in offices every day consume a great quantity of energy and natural resources in their manufacture and distribution. Making an informed decision with the knowledge of where and how the products are made can help you make a more sustainable product choice – something which is made as easy as possible with the Wiles Greenworld Essentials Catalogue as we highlight this valuable information.

For you see our goal is to improve supply chains and educate our customers as to the benefit of a greener office, and part of that is through selecting greener office products.

Wiles Greenworld are the #1 London office supplier and offers more green product alternatives than any other. Our green product benchmark (that is the number of sustainably sourced office products in our catalogue) is three times higher than the industry average.

Green Office Tip: Did you know that we can help you reduce your carbon footprint? Talk to us about our green audits and consultancy services.

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