Green Office News: Choose an agenda to push as a business, and it can define you.

As a company we’ve found that pushing the environmental agenda has defined our business and created a niche for it to thrive. The rise of the green economy provides further support to this claim and we are proud to associate ourselves with the sustainable supply chains and charitable projects that we are a part of.

At Wiles HQ we believe it is only right to practice what you preach; which is why when we recycle, we don’t just recycle our own waste, but also the waste of 40% of our customers. It’s also why we blow the industry benchmark for retailing green office products out of the water and why we operate ISO 9001 & 14001 accredited management systems.

All of the above means we can deliver on our mission to be the best, and most sustainable, U.K office supplier and will help our experience when offering green and ISO related consultancy services.

To find out more about more about green and recycled office supplies, free office recycling and environmental consultancy talk to us today.

Green Office Tip: A waste reduction policy is a great way to introduce sustainable action policies into your office.

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