Green Office News: Buying certified is the only way to go!

Whether it’s chocolate, coffee, herbs or spices buying from a certified source is no longer a niche activity. The largest chocolate producers in the world such as Hershey’s and Mars have now made top level commitments to only source certified cocoa beans. More information can be found here.

One interesting fact from this article is that the Rainforest Alliance, an organisation we are very familiar with at Wiles Greenworld, already certifies over 60000 cocoa plantations.

To further support their work and help the organisation certify more farms; thus enforcing rules on staff wages, fair prices and product quality it is massively important to try to get certified products into your office as soon as possible.

That is why we are only one of a few retailers now stocking Cool Earth Coffee which is also certified by the Rainforest Alliance, and thus protects trees and the local population with every cup you drink.

To find out more about the office supplies, eco-friendly office furniture and the free London office recycling service available from the 2nd Greenest Company in the U.K (as voted by the Sunday Times) talk to us today.

Green Office Tip:  What do you do with your old toners? We’ve won awards from the largest European collector of used toner cartridges and give all the proceeds to our charity of choice.

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