Green Office News:- Buy recycled and other environmentally friendly products.

Are you curious to know what a green office company can achieve?  There are several benefits of going green and becoming more sustainable. Wiles Greenworld has been awarded as the 2nd greenest company in the UK, and it offers green office supplies and services that are Eco-friendly and 100% recycled.

Why go green? There are numerous advantages of going green, you are saving energy, resources, money and the most important, saving the planet.

By purchasing from a company that abides the CSR policy, you are helping your business to become more environmentally friendly. Wiles Greenworld also offers its client a free of charge recycling services along with products and other services.

You can recycle with us 15 different waste streams, from paper to batteries and many more products.

If you would like to find out more about our corporate social responsibility policy/products and services, then call us now on 0208758 7700 or email us on

Green Tip:- Promoting Go Green Concept in e-mails including a tag line in Green :- “Please do not print this email unless it is essential. Save paper, save trees, save the environment, go green”.

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