Green Office News: Britain braces for our first cold snap…brrhhhhhhh

As the country braces for our 1st cold snap this winter its high time those woolly jumpers came out (if they haven’t already) and the big boots too. And if you weren’t aware more info can be found here, here and here.

Perhaps these measures will stop the heating going on quite so quickly; considering your thermostat this winter could save both your home and London office a substantial some of money this winter.

At Wiles Greenworld HQ we’ve prepared by going greener. Installing triple gazed windows and insulation wherever possible to reduce our energy consumption and thus are carbon footprint too.

In fact, we’re on course to continue our year on year carbon reduction, which we’re pretty proud of us considering our new building is 3 times the size.

So for green office supplies for your London office, supplied by the 2nd greenest company in the U.K that can also help you with London office recycling, environmental consultancy and recycled office supplies talk to us today. With Wiles Greenworld you’ll see the savings straight away!

Now someone put the kettle on… I could do with a warming brew (and don’t waste any of the hot water)!

Green Office Tip: We’ve had some weird recycling requests from our clients this year but have the partnerships in place to help them out. Fish tank anyone? Even if you’re not sure if an item in your office can be recycled, let us know, we may well be able to help.

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