Green Office News: As new Apple handsets hit the shops, what is their environmental impact?

You’ve almost certainly heard that Apple have launched their new 5S and 5C phones with great press reviews, however you do not have to go far to find some less fortunate news regarding factory conditions where they are made.

This link looks at the environmental impact of Apple and its factories in China, for example did you know that  in 2012, their emissions were 31m tons of greenhouse gases; but on the flip side they have reduced emissions per dollar of Apple revenue by 22% since 2008 and also switched to 100% renewable energy for their data centres.

So what do you think? Do you think Apple do enough work in corporate social responsibility and sustainability to merit their position as one of the most valuable technology companies in history? And, closer to home, do you think your office does the same too?

To better consider your environmental impact and start carbon reduction measures look no further than Wiles Greenworld, your stationery supplier with sustainability in mind.

Green Office Tip: Choose recycled paper supplies, office stationery supplies and green office products wherever possible. Choosing these products will improve supply chains and save reserves of natural resources. Let’s recycle more!

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