Green Office News: Are you drinking Fair trade?

Did you know the fair trade movement started over four decades ago? Its conception has sought to respond to the failure of conventional trade to deliver sustainable livelihoods for small-scale farmers in the developing world.

Last year sales of all fair trade products here in the U.K rose 19% to £1.6billion, a value 25 times greater than just ten years ago. This figure not only represents astonishing growth, but also the importance of this movement in representing the small scale farmers and securing them a fair price for their crop given the immense supply chain might of the world’s largest food companies.

As you can imagine, here at Wiles Greenworld, we are great supporters of the fair trade movement. He have a range of both fair trade and rainforest alliance certified teas and coffees that give back to the people and the environments from which they came; its another part of what makes us the green office supplier and sustainable office supplier of choice for London offices.

Just like the fair-trade movement, our services look to inform and empower our clients about making sustainable office product choices. Our free London recycling service can help you reduce your carbon footprint too.

Green Office Tip: This link to a Guardian report points through to an interesting report from Oxfam about the current climate in the food sourcing industry.

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