Green Office News: Are mobile phones green?

Our world is abound with consumer electronics, hence why the manufacturers of these products are some of the biggest companies in the world. But are their products, the devices we use everyday, green and sustainable?

From a materials sourcing point of view, the answer may appear not, especially as revelations over illegal tin mining and environmental damage have appeared in the press over recent weeks.

We believe its important for companies who manufacture or retail any products, from phones to filofaxes, to monitor and influence their supply chain to help it get greener and more environmentally friendly.

Its why we conduct an annual supplier survey to see how our suppliers are progressing with reducing their carbon emissions or introducing a waste reduction policy. Last year, we identified for example, that 83% of our tier 1 suppliers are ISO 14001 accredited, which means they have an environmental management system in place.

Wiles Greenworld do, of course, have ISO 14001 too, helping us manage and measure our environmental impact and our carbon footprint to deliver continual improvement too.

Wiles Greenworld are your sustainable business supplier, our range of green office products and recycled office supplies help you toward achieving an eco-friendly office. We also specialise in paper office supplies and London stationery supplies too.

Green Office Tip: Increase productivity and create an eco-friendly office with some plants. They oxidise the air and can add life to any office.

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