Green Office News: Another Renewable Energy step to a sustainable future.

Did you know that a wind farm covering an area of 38 square miles containing 175 wind turbines has been installed in the North Sea? It’s off the coast of Essex and due to its closeness to the Thames Estuary (and also the fact it directly powers London) it’s been billed as the ‘London Array’.

More info can be found here, but the big news is it will generate over 19 years of sustainable, renewable energy and generates enough power to source 500.000 homes when it’s on song.

At Wiles Greenworld we love innovation, more-so if it’s green, and replaces the need for a conventional power station burning fossil fuels… So thus we love this.

Choose Wiles Greenworld for green office supplies designed with sustainability in mind. Together our customers recycle over 11000 toner cartridges a year and 50 tonnes of paper annually too.

To find how to turn your office to a greener, eco-friendly office, talk to us today. We’re the experts in helping you be more sustainable, and we can save you money on your office stationery supplies and London recycling too.

Green Office Tip: Create a green-thinking wall or comments box in you’re office where people can post ideas with sustainability in mind.

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