Green Office News: Another renewable energy good news story…

We’ve sung the praises of renewable energy for some time. And forgive us for going over trodden ground but why wouldn’t we? Renewable energy is far less damaging to its immediate environment, does not cause global warming through refinement and also isn’t a fossil fuel!

To meet the U.K’s legally binding carbon reduction target (which is 80% by 2050) its clear renewables will need to play a part.

Happily, this is an example of local government backing a renewable energy project, allowing it permissions to test in the field and start generating renewable energy. Both tidal and wind power are 100% renewable and will always be around us, unlike fossil fuels (at least without drilling in ever more dangerous and fragile areas.

To start to green your office, join Wiles Greenworld and we can help you identify products whose manufacturers consider their environmental impacts, sometimes even adopting renewable energy to power their factories!

We’re here to help you be more sustainable; create a more eco-friendly office by starting office recycling and choosing recycled office stationery supplies too.

Green Office Tip: Sustainable procurement can take many forms and can contribute to your environmental policies and objectives too. Consider packaging, food, furniture and of course stationery as areas where your office can practice sustainable procurement and ethical purchasing.

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