Green Office News: Another reason to leave the arctic alone…

We wrote yesterday about how certain oil companies are looking to move into the Arctic to start drilling for oil there. Greenpeace, as you may have seen, are very much against this, and we agree with them.

We agree because preserving the Arctic is really very important, the loss of its ice is a major indicator of climate change and when you consider the September minimum reached a new record low in 2012 of 3.41 million square kilometers, 44 percent below the 1981-2010 average, and 16 percent below the previous record in 2007… it really starts to hit home that we need to more to save the Arctic.

More info on the decreasing Arctic summer ice levels can be found here and we recommend you read it to get an idea of perspective and understanding of the rapid decline of the ice and its link to global warming and global average temperature rise.

In the meantime, it’s clear we all need to be doing more to reduce our own carbon footprint. Your office can do the same by joining with Wiles Greenworld, your sustainable business supplier. Our free recycling service and extensive range of green office supplies and recycled office products are all designed to help you save carbon.

Green Office Tip: Wiles Greenworld let their clients know how well they are doing with carbon reduction during bi-annual account reviews, helping to develop a better partnership and understanding of your office supplies needs and sustainability initiatives.

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