Green Office News: An introduction to the circular economy philosophy.

Whether you’re familiar or not with the concept of a circular economy do please read on… it’s a fascinating subject after all. At Wiles Greenworld we’re big fans of the circular economy ideal, one that works to re-use existing equipment and materials rather than defaulting to ‘new new new’.

To this effect we’re more than happy to show you our recycled green office alternative office products. Ones that use existing material rather than 100& virgin material or newly manufactured material.

For more info on the circular economy and a study performed on the subject, follow the link here.

Green Office Tip: It’s not only our green office supplies that set us apart, but also our award winning office recycling service too. We can collect and recycle over 15 different waste streams from your office when we deliver your green office products, reducing your carbon footprint and also saving our clients money on expensive business waste disposal too.

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