Green Office News: Accompany us on your path to a green office

At Wiles Greenworld we believe every office can be a green office, and that the change can happen quickly and cheaply. Sometimes, efficiency measures can be introduced that can save money and carbon instantaneously; like switching off appliances at the wall, turning down the thermostat and making sure no lights are left on overnight.

We’ve introduced all these measures into our office over the last few years and these, in combination with other initiatives, have seen our carbon intensity reduce by over 80% since 2008.

We sell green office supplies and office products and our London coverage means our London based customers can benefit from our free London office recycling service.

By coming on board with us you will instantly be reducing your carbon footprint, and supporting us towards our goals of sustainable supply chains and closed loop production of office products.

We are actively working towards more office recycling solutions and can currently help you dispose of over 10 different waste streams that can be recycled and diverted from landfill.

Green Office Tip: Setting targets is a sure fire way for green initiatives to be taken more seriously, and review them regularly to maintain the momentum.

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