Green Office News: A whistle-stop guide to FSC and PEFC certification by Wiles Greenworld

As a London office, paper office supplies are likely to rank high up on your list of purchases and expenditure. What the man/woman on the street may not know however is the environmental impact of that paper and how it can be reduced.

One quick and easy way to reduce the carbon footprint and increase the sustainability of the paper office supplies your office uses is to switch to paper from a certified sustainable source, such as FSC or PEFC. What these independent bodies do is set standards to help forest managers, timber merchants and paper makers act in a more sustainable way, operating better managed forests.

Where Wiles Greenworld fits into this is the bit just before you do. As your office supplies retailer we are responsible for handling the certified product and passing it on correctly to you. To show our support of these schemes, and give our customers the uppermost confidence in our products and our quality of service we’ve achieved both FSC and PEFC Chain of Custody Certification, ensuring we have the right procedures in place to secure and send you the highest quality paper office products from certified sources currently available.

Green Office Tip: To benefit from our green office product expertise, and in turn reduce your carbon emissions, contact us today.

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