Green Office News: A thought from the boss today…

Toby Robins, our Sustainable Development Director, has chosen this article as the basis for his article today.

The effects and impacts of climate change are, according to the article, starting to be noticed by big businesses. That’s to say that when your business relies on natural resources or certain whether conditions, that are slowly being depleted and/or subject to ever more change due to climate change the impact it can have on business activities can be immeasurable.

For example, what if due to flooding, ports in China had to be closed or factories in low lying Bangladesh or Thailand had to halt production? Or what if factories or production facilities in parts of Africa, India or Pakistan relied on water for cooling or manufacture but the rivers dried up due to droughts caused by global warming.

The implications of these scenarios could be huge, but more and more companies are seeing these scenarios become reality. Scary stuff!

To protect ourselves, and more importantly our customers, from these risks Wiles Greenworld look to recommend green stationery products and recycled office supplies wherever possible as these products are more likely to be made locally, ethically, and with a lower environmental impact.

To see the benefits of green office procurements and receive free office recycling collections, contact us today.

Green Office Tip: Moving offices? Let your suppliers know well in advance so they can help!

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