Green Office News: A Sustainable Change to one of our most recognisable London Landmarks

The Houses of Parliament are known for many things; politics, architecture, tough decisions and big debate… but one thing they aren’t perhaps known for is their sustainability.

However, as this link explains, parliament knows they need to more to reduce their emissions and improve their energy efficiency and are considering ideas to do just that.

Perhaps one of the most controversial suggestions so far has been to install solar panels on the clock face of the Elizabeth Tower, otherwise known as ‘Big Ben’. At Wiles Greenworld we think this is a great ideal, so long as it wouldn’t detract too much from the original design.

Amongst its energy efficiency ideas already confirmed, the House is carrying out a number of other green measures this year, including installing voltage optimisation technology to reduce energy wastage and replacing lights with low energy LEDs. These are all things your London Office can do too, and feel free to ask us if you need any help or guidance. As the second greenest company in the U.K, we are well placed to help get your own energy efficiency and sustainability driven initiatives off the ground.

Green Office Tip: Recycled office supplies and green office stationery supplies are two great examples of sustainable procurement that can help your London office reduce its carbon footprint.

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