Green Office News: A defence of fracking, by our energy secretary…

According to Ed Davey, our U.K energy secretary, fracking is not the evil a certain group of protesters and numerous campaign groups are painting it out to be. More info here.

Unfortunately we disagree. While the U.K should be looking for more energy security, we think it should be looking for it in renewables. We know the technology is there, and the need to reduce our carbon emissions can be partly met through less burning of fossil fuels to create energy too.

To support an increased transition to renewable energy in your area we recommend investigating solar installations and switching to a green energy tariff.

Even for your London office switching to a green energy tariff could save tonnes of CO2 per year.

Initiatives like this could also form part of your environmental policy, or sustainability and corporate social responsibility commitments.

Green Office Tip: Recycle more and commit to a waste reduction policy, and choose more recycled office supplies to kick off your sustainable procurement program, both with Wiles Greenworld.

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