Green Office News: A Census… for trees?

As the world’s largest rain forest the Amazon is vitally important in providing us with the air we breathe and acting as our largest carbon sink.

In news released today, the Brazilian government is said to have launched the inventory to measure bio diversity, deforestation effects, and the impacts of climate change, amongst a host of other significant areas.

It is planning to use satellites to conduct the audit, which have been so successful in their anti logging and illegal deforestation programs. We’ll keep you posted on how the audit is going; as results are likely to be announced year by year.

As a sustainable paper office supplier we value our rain forests and endeavor to offer you sustainable office paper supplies at every opportunity. At, present 99.5% of our paper is FSC or PEFC certified; the two largest forest management and protection organisations.

Green Office Tip: To ensure you’re buying sustainable paper products that look after the world’s forests – look for the FSC, PEFC, Rain forest Alliance or Carbon Neutral labels when you make your next order.

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