Green Office News: 60 years since the great London smog

It was 60 years to the day that London was covered in a dense fog that caused widespread health problems and brought the city to a standstill.

Although we’re unlikely to see a repeat of these events as we’ve moved away from coal to provide heat in our homes, London’s air is still dangerously polluted, only now with gases and particulates that we can’t see.

If you’re a company based in London there has been no better time to consider going green; reducing business emissions and making London a cleaner, greener city is high on the agenda of the current London Mayor, Boris Johnson.

As a London business ourselves, and a member of Boris’s green procurement code, we have all the resources you need to start green procurement and ethical purchasing yourselves.

As your sustainable office supplier we offer eco-friendly office products and furniture at competitive prices. Our catalogue is full of sustainably sourced office supplies that your office can use, and be greener as a result. We can also help you recycle too!

Green Office Tip:  Worried about your electricity consumption now prices are set to rise? We advise looking into intelligent light sensors, voltage optimisers and whether your I.T server/s are due for replacement.

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