2015 was the first year that renewables outperformed coal

In 2015 almost half the UK’s electricity came from clean energy sources such as wind and nuclear power outperforming coal for the first time in history.

In total, low-carbon power sources, which produce little in the way of greenhouse gas emissions, supplied a record 46% of the UK’s electricity whilst coal produced 22%, down from 30% than the previous year.

The government wants to phase out polluting coal-fired power stations by 2025 as part of efforts to tackle climate change, but only if new gas plants can be built to meet demand.

At Wiles Greenworld the London Environmental Office Supplies Company we have managed to contribute with this new record by reducing our carbon footprint exporting 39,880 KWH of our renewable energy to the national grid in 2015.

By switching from the current used products to the green alternative Environmental Office Supplies, you will be greening your supply chain and indirectly minimizing you Carbon Footprint alongside improving your Waste Reduction Policy.

Wiles Greenworld always provides our clients with green alternative of the goods they use daily, as we believe the simple changes can make all the difference.

If you would like more information or you would like to see how you can switch to the green alternatives, please contact our customer service team today on 020 8758 7700.

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