Green office tips: How to Write an Environmental Policy

An environmental policy is a short, usually one-page statement which lays out your company’s attitude towards the environment. It should recognise that your business impacts upon the environment both through local operations and, more broadly, in terms of raw materials usage, energy usage and discharges. It should set realistic and achievable targets for improvement that are relevant to your company’s activities and practices. The key steps to writing an environmental policy include stating company commitment, clearly identify and specify environmental impacts and taking action.

A good environmental policy must recognise the company’s key impacts. This can be in the areas of energy use, raw material use, waste generation, emissions to air/water, water use, transport and procurement.

Wiles Greenworld, London office supplies company known for environmental consultancy and free recycling service has been advising clients on operating an environmentally friendly office and reducing carbon footprint for a number of years. The company, which has been accredited to ISO 14001 by the British Standards Institute since 2010 can help you establish and implement an Environmental Policy and even help you gain ISO 14001 accreditation by creating and establishing a standard.

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