Green office tips for reducing waste to landfill

The waste sent to landfill continues to be a big problem in today’s efforts for sustainability. With several hundred thousand tons of waste going to landfill every year businesses are responsible for over 40% of the waste. Wiles Greenworld London office supplies distributor and environmental consultancy company that offer a free recycling service to its clients has these words of advice for companies looking to reduce their waste to landfill and overall carbon footprint.

Establish a waste reduction policy to encourage employees to reduce their waste. The environmental office supplies company says that employees continue to be tempted to throw their waste in the bin so replacing bins with recycling bins is an easy way to reduce waste going to landfill.

If you haven’t already got an agreement with a recycling collection company now is the perfect time to set this up. Many people still think there is a charge for waste collection but if you shop around you can find companies such as Wiles Greenworld the green office supplies company which will take waste away free of charge. Finally consider having a waste reduction target. By having targets for recycling at work your office can see improvements in the amount of waste sent to landfill.

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