Green office supplies from a company that customers trust

With the ever increasing demand for products that have a minimal impact on the environment finding a local supplier that won’t let you down on service or price can be a real challenge. One way to identify a good supplier is to look at their accreditations. The Iso 14001 has been a staple of environmental dedication since the 1990s and continues to distinguish committed suppliers from those that fail to place emphasis on the environment. If service is of concern then the Iso 9001 is a source of verification that the supplier has established a quality management system that is externally verified and guarantees quality of service.

While Iso accreditation is always a good starting point for supplier environmental and quality verification, other factors play an important part. For example, London-based businesses should seek local suppliers to eliminate the unnecessary mileage accumulated during the delivery process. Furthermore, they should question their suppliers distribution policy, including questioning whether the company has taken any steps to reduce their distribution footprint or what resources the company is using to reduce their impact on the environment. Local sourcing makes sense from both and environmental perspective and a business dimension as it helps reduce late deliveries and improves efficiency.

When you’ve identified a supplier that ticks all the right boxes it’s always important to question the reputation of that supplier. Chances are a good supplier will have a great reputation. Why not ask to see some customer feedback from your supplier? This will help build your confidence in that supplier and reassure you of their suitability to meet your needs. Finally, and most importantly, a good supplier will always offer services that go beyond the provision of general office products. Whether they can add value to the relationship by offering environmental consultancy or recycling services, customers should always seek to get more from their suppliers. If your supplier does not offer a recycling scheme it’s time to find a supplier that does.

Wiles Greenworld has always emphasised the importance of social reporting. Whether disclosing environmental performance or customer satisfaction survey results, we are keen to show customers why we are a highly accredited supplier with excellent environmental credentials and a service that is impossible to beat. If you’d like to find out how Wiles Greenworld can satisfy all your stationery needs while minimising the impact on the environment or to get impartial environmental advice please contact our friendly team on 0208 758 7700 or email

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