Green office supplies company says carbon offsetting is vital for green business

Growth in the world’s population and increasing consumption is expected to lead to a threefold rise in energy demand during the next century, which is thought will lead to a 2 to 4º centigrade increase in average global temperature. Scientific consensus is that we need to reduce emissions by 80% in the next 50 years to stabilise our climate and prevent unprecedented negative impacts on the economy and our climate.

Carbon offsets are credits for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions made at another location, such as wind farms which create renewable energy and reduce the need for fossil-fuel powered energy.

Carbon emissions must be reduced by 80% by 2050 to avoid catastrophic climate change. Businesses have an important and essential role to play in meeting these targets and carbon offsetting enables them to play their part in the climate change battle says Wiles Greenworld. The London office supplies distributor that has reduced its carbon footprint by 10% year on year and runs its own carbon offsetting program believes businesses must consider implementing an offsetting scheme.

Speaking of the importance of carbon offsetting and waste reduction, Toby Robins, the Sustainable Development Director at Wiles Greenworld believes offsetting schemes should be implemented by all businesses looking to go green as its their corporate responsibility.

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