Green Office Supplies Company backs ground source heating

The Environment Agency has published guidance and a position statement endorsing the use of ground source heating and cooling (GSHC).

The Agency has produced an environmental good practice guide aimed at designers, developers, installers, drillers and owners of GSHC schemes.

In the position statement, the Agency says: “We support the development of sustainable renewable energy whilst ensuring that appropriate measures are in place to protect the environment.

“Ground source heating and cooling (GSHC) systems can help to meet UK and Welsh Assembly Government renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction targets.”

According to the Agency, GSHC systems can reduce energy bills by as much as £530 per year for a family household and carbon dioxide emissions by more than 5 tonnes per year, compared with an electric heating system.

As London’s leading green office supplies distributor, Wiles Greenworld backs ground source heating as an environmentally responsible way of generating heat without burning precious natural resources. For companies looking to implement the technology or Sustainable Development Director can advise on green technologies and benefits associated with their use. In addition, we can offer environmental audits and consultancy to help you improve efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint. To find out more about Wiles Greenworld, it’s eco friendly office supplies or how we may be able to help you cut your carbon footprint and run a more eco friendly office, please contact us on 0208 758 7700.

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