Green Office News: WRAP is one organisation adept at carbon reduction

WRAP, or the Waste Resources Action Program, have government backing to help the U.K reduce waste and resource use to curb our carbon emissions. The most recent example of their work in action is the Cuortauld Commitment Phase 2, which to date has seen the grocery sector reduce food and packaging waste by 1.7 million tonnes, equating to a 4.8 million tonne reduction in CO2 emissions.

This is great news, and we highly recommend you follow WRAP for as they are more than happy to assist businesses, just like the Environment Agency, with queries relating to their waste, carbon footprint and environmental impact.

In fact, this week on Wednesday we’re attending a WRAP course discussing reducing business waste (more info available here) so if you’re going we’ll see you there!

Green Office Tip: Recycle more (and reduce your business waste) by utilising our free London office recycling service. Our clients’ waste benefits from 100% landfill diversion too.

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