Green Office News: Wiles Greenworld Office Supplies London’s NEW range of Cool Earth Rainforest Alliance Coffee

Wiles Greenworld London Office Supplies provides a range of Cool Earth Coffee. Cool Earth environmental charity empowers local communities by providing them the funding and resources needed to prevent rainforest destruction.


Benefits of buying Cool Earth Coffee:

–          A 500g tub of coffee when purchased saves 5 trees from illegal logging and 260 tonnes of C02 per acre

–          Cool Earth Coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified

–          Cool Earth provides support and funding towards community and environmental initiatives including health initiatives, education and conservation training.

For more information on our range of Cool Earth Coffee please have a look at the Cool Earth section of our website or to place an order email or call 020 8758 7700.


Green Office Tip: Get a waste reduction Policy for your office.


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