Green Office News: We’re following the latest round of UN Climate talks, are you?

Diplomats from around the world have gathered in Warsaw with the goal to inch nearer to a new worldwide climate change agreement.

The biggest story thus far is that Japan, the world’s fifth largest greenhouse gas emitter, has slashed its plans to reduce emissions from 25% to just 3.8% on 2005 figures. This isn’t good news, and is a huge step backwards towards the progress that needs to be made.

Hopefully delegates from the all other nations can work together and put pressure on Japan for them to reverse their new less-than-ambitious carbon reduction plans.

More info on this is available here. Dipping your toe into climate politics is a great way to learn more about climate change and global warming. In the wake of the recent Philippines disaster, extreme weather likely to be caused by carbon emissions and global warming has never been higher profile.

Green Office Tip: One from James in C.S today – Reduce your use of office paper and office printer supplies by thinking twice before printing, remember to trim the signature on internal emails too.

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