Green Office News: Want to be known for your sustainability merits? It all starts from within.

Integrity isn’t always a word one would associate with business. Corporate governance is another phrase that some may see as lacking. That’s because high profile news stories regarding the financial activities of global MNCs such as Starbucks, Google and Apple have caught the imagination and made consumers think twice about these companies.

At Wiles Greenworld we believe integrity and ethics starts from within – which is why when we say we’re green we really mean it. From the green refurbishment of our new office, to the recycled office products and green office supplies we sell every day, and on to our free office recycling service; we really know what it takes to be a green office and a sustainable company too.

The good news is we’re more than happy to help you do the same; whether its your waste reduction policy, corporate social responsibility agenda, green procurement, sustainability policy or help with choosing green office supplies we’re to help you’re London office.

Green Office Tip: Look around your office and establish which of the products you use has a green alternative… then choose it! You’ll save money too!

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