Green Office News: Some interesting news and interesting links to keep you captivated

Hands up if you know what a CHP is? Nope, me neither, until today. As it turns out a CHP is a community heating partnership, usually converting energy from waste to power homes in the local area to the plant

One just opened in London recently, with more info available here and we join DECC and other well known organisations in supporting energy from waste in increasing our energy security. Powering homes with waste that would otherwise rot in the ground just makes plain common sense.

Now for those links; to connect with more environmentally friendly and recycling minded organisations all over London, we recommend you check out and the

Both sites provide valuable news and information on the latest green business and recycling trends, invaluable for your environmental and corporate objectives.

Green Office Tip: Wiles Greenworld are your sustainable business supplier, our green office products and free recycling service will deliver huge environmental benefits to your business, help you achieve your environmental goals, and reduce your carbon footprint.

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