Green Office News: Some facts about Recycled Paper

As a green office stationery supplier we know a thing or two about green office supplies, and that includes your printer paper too.

Within Europe, the U.K is most certainly a laggard when it comes to switching to recycled paper, which amazes us considering its popularity amongst our customers and the undeniable benefits.

But don’t discount the ‘old hat’ virgin fibre office copier paper just yet either ; it may just surprise you how green the production process and the paper itself has got over recent years.

We always welcome the conversation over which paper is best for your office and which has the ‘strongest’ environmental credentials. In reality the distance travelled from the country of manufacture is just as important as the production emissions themselves.

Obviously a ‘green’ product isn’t quite so green when it has been shipped 5000 miles!

Below are a few more facts for you to get your head around:

  • Paper manufacturing is the largest industrial user of water per pound of finished product
  • The USA uses 25% of the world’s paper products
  • 77 percent of paper is recycled in the Netherlands
  • Every ton of recycled paper saves about 17 trees
  • New York’s largest export out of the Port of NY is waste paper!

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