Green Office News: Service update – storm hits London.

Many of us have woken up to a scene of high winds and strewn debris this morning as a massive storm struck southern England last night. Thankfully, all our delivery drivers were unaffected, so its business as usual for us.

This means that all our customers should receive their Friday orders as expected. Good news! Its clear some London suburbs were pretty badly affected, just look here, and there is even talk that Boris will be holding an emergency meeting to discuss how to best recover the situation.

It’s at times like these where the strength of our supply chain really shines. Our biggest supplier visits us frequently every day from their site which is less than 30 miles away, so we shouldn’t be disrupted, no matter the weather.

As winter takes hold and the weather continues to decline, consider your supply chain as there may be products of high importance  that may be delayed, or not make it to you at all, when the weather worsens.

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