Green office news: Recycling statistics you may not know

Did you know that Wiles Greenworld London office supplies distributor offer a recycling service that collects over 18 waste streams? To entice you to recycle your waste here are some interesting recycling facts you may not know:

  • One bag of paper recycled saves enough power to keep a TV running for 136 hours
  • One bag of plastic/metal recycled saves enough power to keep a 140 watt light bulb running for 80 hours
  • Two bags of confidential waste recycled saves enough paper to stop 1 mature tree from being cut down
  • One crate of glass saves enough energy to run a computer for 5 hours
  • Less than 2% of batteries in the UK are recycled
  • We recycle 80% of the tonners we sell.

Green office tips: Help keep the planet green by recycling your waste with Wiles Greenworld.

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