Green Office News: Recycling plastics – what can and what can’t…

At Wiles Greenworld we relish the opportunity to be able to help our clients increase the profile of their recycling at work programs and London office recycling initiatives.

To this effect we have designed a range of easy to use sticky backed posters which our clients can place anywhere, providing an easy to use list of what and can’t be collected. We’ve done this to remove both confusion and contamination from the loop.

For plastics, we’re more than happy to collect drinks bottles, food containers, clean film, shrink wrap and the like but we do ask that these are washed through first, so as to prevent spoilage and unpleasant smells in our vans and on-site recycling areas.

Our free recycling service is designed to help your workplace become an eco-friendly office and our London recycling service is a great way to kick off your waste reduction policy.

Green Office Tip: Try to see recycling more as a collection of resources, rather than more waste to be disposed of, After all, as they say with recycling… The possibilities are endless.

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