Green Office News: Recent extreme weather events show us that now is the time to go green

As more extreme weather disasters happen around the world, with increasing frequency and ferocity, the argument pushed by climate sceptics can no longer be taken seriously.

As temperatures soar to new heights in Australia this January, causing raging forest, fires a great article has been written, available here, explaining the latest scientific research that points to the relationship between pollution, climate change and extreme weather.

We can all do something to reduce our emissions and help curtail the rise of the average global temperature, and one way your employer, or your business can start is to consider green procurement.

As the 2nd Greenest Company in the U.K, as selected by the Sunday Times, we can offer you the products and expertise needed to help your company reduce emissions and cut its carbon footprint. Wiles Greenworld are the sustainable office supplier, so if you’re looking to green in 2013 get in touch!

Green Office Tip: Our free London office recycling service and regular customer account reviews help you be greener still, and did we mention our recycling service is free… you don’t here that everyday.

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