Green Office News: Projects we love #sustainable investment

Sustainable investment for a more sustainable future is one mantra that we live by here at Wiles Greenworld. It’s why we’ve invested in our free London office recycling service to reduce fuss and cost for our customers in helping them to recycle.

It’s great to see other examples of sustainable investment at work at too, and this has to be our pick of the day – a power source generated by Londoners and generated in London for Londoners, and at the same time helping London’s sewers and water drainage systems work better too.

What is plain to see is that sustainable investment, and innovative and simple solutions to complex are here to stay. Sustainability has a great part to play when considering our next steps and by coming on with us, your corporate responsibility will increase by considering sustainability too.

Our green office consultancy services, and range of green office supplies and office products can help you create an eco-friendly office today.

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