Green Office News: Opportunities to be more sustainable in 2013 are all around us.


Wiles Greenworld would like to help its clients make their businesses as environmentally friendly as possible in 2013, helping make our clients more aware of new sustainable product innovations, green office tips, custom print designs and printer management solutions.

We can also help our clients be greener through our free London Office Recycling Service, which is expanding all the time and currently collects – from your office – 15 different waste streams. In addition, because we collect your recycling when we deliver your office supplies to you, we’re cutting carbon by reducing the number of vehicles on our roads. Our free recycling service can also help you save on your waste disposal costs – so it’s surely a no brainer.

Talk to our friendly customer services team about our sustainable office supplies, our free recycling service and how we can help you be greener in 2013.

Green Office Tip: Did you know that Wiles Greenworld can now help you recycle your waste pens and batteries. Only 2% of batteries in the U.K are currently recycled and we want to do all we can to help this number grow. Join us to help you to help the environment and enjoy the benefit of cutting the carbon footprint of your business.

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