Green Office News: More climate change snippets and extreme weather events, but look what we’re doing about it.

As we bask in the sun spare a thought for residents of western China & Toronto where extreme weather has caused chaos and huge flooding. In China, more landslides are occurring thought to be caused by deforestation.

It’s clear that through events like these, human activity is having an environmental and social impact. A great deal of economic growth, it could be argued, is driven by exploitation of natural resources and it’s our environment that pays the price.

But look what we’re doing about it. NGO’s around the world are more than aware of the damage we’re causing and what to do to minimise our impact in the future. That is why an all-female team from Greenpeace is climbing the shard today. To raise awareness of Shell’s plans to drill through Arctic ice in search for oil.

Arctic ice is already shrinking, and the planet simply can’t afford to lose more of it. Back Greenpeace and the #iceclimb to raise awareness of Shell’s plans.

Green Office Tip: Do your bit for the environment through office recycling and switching to Green office supplies today to start reducing your carbon footprint

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