Green Office News: London recycling only 32% of waste in 2011

London households and local businesses are doing more and more to recycle and cut waste however despite efforts there’s still a lot more to be done. According to Statistics from DEFRA London only 32% of waste is being recycled compared to the national average of 39%. Did you know that it costs 560 million pounds per year to manage London’s waste and £250million goes in Landfill costs? Wiles Greenworld London Office has a zero policy towards putting waste in landfills and provides a free recycling service to clients to help manage waste. Furthermore our London Recycling Service is only available to clients in the London area and is available to all.


To find out more about our free recycling service or if you are interested in green office management, call us today on 020 8758 7700 or email us at

Green Office Tip: Get a waste reduction policy for your office today.

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