Green Office News: How much do transport emissions impact on the environment?

If you are looking to being Green Office Supplies London then Wiles Greenworld are the only Green Office Suppliers London that you should consider. When supplying Eco Friendly Office Supplies we strive to minimize out impacts on the environment and operate in the most sustainable way possible. Sustainability is a core value and one of our significant environmental impacts is emissions associated with transport.

Transportation has a significant impact on the environment and accounts for around 15% of global emissions. From the total global transport emissions for 2010 air freight emissions accounted for 15%, busses accounted for 5.7%, rail accounted for 2.3%, trucks 22%, LDVs 42%, 2-3 wheelers 2% and water-borne 10.3%. In the UK transportation accounts for 23% of carbon emissions.

Within our own company, transportation (both distribution and business travel/commuting) accounts for the majority of our carbon emissions.
To reduce the impact of our own transportation on the environment we have introduced the travel policy below.

Travel Policy
Our travel policy looks to minimise the emissions associated with personal transportation through firstly eradicating the need (eg: home working), then minimising the distance (eg: recruiting locally and driver route optimisation), then minimising the emissions (eg free bike scheme).
Business Travel:

  • Promote use of public transport as first option with no air travel without Board approval.
  • Company car emissions must reduce by a third at each replacement.
  • Promote low emission cars in private/grey fleet through a mileage rate that does not differentiate based on engine size.
  • Driver van routes optimised to end at drivers’ homes.


  • Recruit locally Invest in home working Promote cycling (free bike scheme)
  • Promote use of public transport (season ticket loans)
  • Promote car sharing by paying mileage to car owner.
  • Promote move to lower emission cars through donation from Charitable Trust
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