Green Office News: Green holidays – they’re all the rage

Although it might be tempting to seek some sun as an alternative to our April snow there is an environmental cost to consider that should be taken into account when booking your next holiday.

As short-haul travel gets more frequent and more accessible the carbon footprints of holiday makers is unfortunately set to go one way… and that way is up.

To start better considering the carbon footprint of your office, your holiday and everything else in between, follow our green office news feeds, available on our website and updated daily.

Wiles Greenworld are the green office supplier that collects your recycling when we deliver. It is these kind of initiatives that have seen us reduce our carbon footprint year on year since 2008, and our green products, recycled office supplies and paper office supplies can help you do the same.

Green Office Tip: Need help disposing of your confidential material. Our service recycles the shredded material into new paper products and also meets all legislation requirements.

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