Green Office News from Wiles Greenworld

As the EU closes in on it’s target of reducing it’s annual CO2 emissions to 20% below 1990 levels (currently at 19.2%). This means we have 8 years to reduce our overall annual emissions by a mere further 0.8% and at Wiles Greenworld, London’s leading green office supply company, the implementation of solar pv panels on our roof means we are contributing to that target!

With our warehouse and office operations soon to be 0 carbon, we are continually striving to be a green an office as possible and we can help you reduce your office’s environmental impact as well.

By offering green and eco friendly office supplies comprised of a variety of green products, coupled with providing a free recycling service to all our customers, we take sustainability very seriously.

For more info with regards to our EU Emission reduction target please visit:

Green Office Tip: Help contribute to our emission reduction targets by recycling at work and reducing your carbon footprint.

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