Green Office News: ‘Freezing food can reduce waste’ claims WRAP

Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) have claimed that up approximately 800,000 tons of perfectly good food could be saved every year if people decided to freeze it. In the UK, approximately 5,500 whole chickens are thrown away every day, 440’000 ready meals are thrown away and 1.3million pots of yogurt are thrown away. Wasted food and drink costs families £50 a month and 7.2million produce are thrown away every year. Unfortunately most of the wasted food goes straight to landfill instead of composting programmes and consumers are reminded food can be safely frozen right up to its use by date.

Wiles Greenworld Office Supplies London offers a free recycling service to clients. Our London Recycling Service ensures that produce doesn’t go to landfill and that all products are re-used.

To find out more about recycling at work or green office management call our customer service team on 020 8758 7700.

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