Green Office News: Doing your bit to curb climate change, can start right here, with this article,

The signs are all around us when it comes to man-made climate change. Freak weather events, unarguable scientific research reports and global temperature rises are all indicators that show we are fast nearing the point of no return where these events start affecting more and more of us.

But there are things that we can all do to reduce our own carbon output, as well as the carbon output of where we work. As you can imagine offices are rather carbon intensive; there’s lots of people, lots of computers, lots of printing, and paper and equipment and lights and the list goes on.

To curb the carbon output of these activities did you know you can switch to recycled or carbon neutral green office supplies? Where the benchmark in our industry to retail green office supplies to our customers is 15% ours is 45%; our catalogue is full of products that we proudly display with their green product credentials.

To reduce your carbon footprint further, does your office recycle? Our London recycling service and free recycling service can help you cut your waste disposal costs and landfill diversion rates. We guarantee that all the waste is recycled and never goes to landfill.

Green Office Tip: A waste reduction policy is a great way to inform your office that recycling is happening and is here to stay.

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