Green Office News: Create a positive recycling vibe in your office

It’s all very well starting recycling collections but without staff engagement it’s likely that program will fall away over a few months.

To retain and even accelerate and grow that engagement we can help, we can provide you with a range of recycling certificates and reports nice enough to put up with pride on your staff notice-board or distribute via email.

We guarantee this will increase staff engagement, help you set future targets, and increase your CSR initiatives as you can let stakeholders know about your office recycling performance too.

Wiles Greenworld provide a comprehensive and free London office recycling service to our clients. Think of it as an additional green benefit to help you become even more eco-friendly. Its great choosing office products made with recycled materials, so by recycling on top of this it creates an opportunity to put recycled material back into the system and leave natural resources where they belong.

Green Office Tip: Did you know we can help you recycle pens and batteries with our handy recycling box? Realise the potential and don’t throw away!

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