Green Office News: CO2 emissions are rising, fact!

A recent article has reported upon the rise of CO2 emissions in our atmosphere from a reading station near Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean. The second largest rise in the history of the station has just been recorded and has set alarm bells ringing that we are not doing enough to keep global warming below the ‘safe’ threshold of two degrees.

Have you considered how your office could help by being greener? Purchasing green office supplies or recycled office supplies from Wiles Greenworld, as well as participating in our free recycling service are all easy ‘quick wins’ that can help your office reduce its carbon footprint.

We’re the only London office supplies company that collects your recycling when we deliver, and in addition our stationery supplies and paper office supplies are available as certified green products, being made of recycled material or from a certified sustainable source.

To find out more about environmentally friendly office, and how to turn yours into an eco friendly office, get in touch today.

Green Office Tip: Consider LED lighting in your existing light fittings. Their increased efficiency will mean a surprisingly short payback period.

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