Green Office News: Are we buying green products? Research shows we are…

Despite the economic downturn, consumers are buying more green products claims a recent study. A study about European attitudes towards green products claims that 83% of consumers worry about the environmental impact of the products they buy.

With Wiles Greenworld Office supplies London you can be sure that our green products have a minimal impact to the environment. 81% of our range of eco-friendly office supplies (including eco-friendly office furniture) and recycled office supplies come from 1SO14001 accredited suppliers. Our green office supplies are eco-friendly, are of good quality and are of good value.

If you would like to reduce the carbon footprint of your office by having an energy efficient office or if you are interested in green office management call us today on 020 8758 7700.

Green Office Tips: Did you know we have a free Recycling Service? Please not our London Recycling Service is only available to clients in London.

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